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October Newsletter

Greetings Room C-3 Students, Friends and Families,

There’s just no escaping it.  We are in full swing now!  We’ve really enjoyed sitting down with many of you for conferences, and we’re very optimistic about the school year ahead!  Here are a few updates on what we’re doing and what we will be doing in class.

Math: We are currently working on multiplication.  We have word problems, multiplicative comparisons, math facts and much more.  The students are taking to it well and giving their best efforts to form a deeper understanding of when to multiply and what is involved. Looking ahead we will be getting into multi-digit multiplication as well.  This will be different from the way we learned, but we’ll send home an explanation of how to do it when the time comes.

Writing:  Until now, we’ve been encouraging the students to just write.  We don’t want to discourage them with too much grammar/spelling, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to that. Recently we’ve been writing opinion essays, and we’re working to support our thesis with evidence and facts.  Soon, students will choose a topic that they are passionate about and write about that.

Reading: In reading, we’ve been doing a great job creating a culture of enthusiasm around reading.  Students are good about using their reading time, and they can all be seen with their nose in a book. In class we’re working on thinking deeper about author’s intent and interpreting characters.  Soon, we will delve into nonfiction text.

Science: We have many scientific minds in class and they are learning a lot about plants.  We’ve been taking advantage of the weather and observing plants outside.  Students have learned how seeds work and they’ve even designed their own!  They are learning to observe objects in our world through the eyes of a scientist!

Halloween:  On Monday, October 31st students who celebrate Halloween will be permitted to bring in part of their outfit for the last hour of school.  The school asks that they leave any weapons, fake blood, or masks at home.  

Homework:  We’re looking for an uptick in homework completion.  These habits will be invaluable for students moving forward and the time to create those habits is now. A typical homework night workload is:  

  1. 1 side of a math sheet.  Math sheets are turned in on Wednesday and Friday.

  2. 20 minutes of reading per night with a signed reading log on Friday.  

That should do it!  Thank you everyone and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Warm Regards,

Jonathan Severance Vera Goodwin-Brown