September 2017 Classes have started off with great enthusiasm and ready to be active during PE!

Students in grades 3-6 are starting the year with a community building and cooperative games unit.  Each week students complete a series of challenges that allow them to work in a group to create and implement different ideas.  Some of the tasks have been to build a machine, get from one point to another using only certain equipment and we’ll end with a Fort River favorite: Shipwreck!  No matter the activity the goal is to foster an understanding of working in a group and how to listen and share with others in a positive way.

Students in grades K-2 have started the year learning about “movement concepts”.  Movement concepts teach students how to move safely through the gym as well as key vocabulary they will be hearing throughout the year: fast, slow, over, under, general space, self space just to name a few.  Students are doing lots of moving and learning to work with their new classmates as well!