Mr. Keins


G-4 Families

June has arrived! Our year is sadly, nearly over. .

Our Save The Children Project has ended. We raised $250!  What a huge success and what a wonderful experience for the children. Our donations were sent via their web site and  I’ve been in touch with them by email. I’ve requested that we receive a donation acknowledgement back to copy for each child in grade 4.  Many thanks for all the generous donations from C-4 families.


In math, students are working the relationships between, decimals and fractions  and moving into multiplying decimals and fractions as well. We are spending time each day in fluency practice to keep multiplication and division skills current.


In language arts, students are reading realistic fiction novels and completing final projects: summaries of the novel and a focus on plot and theme for their books.  They are pacing their work and setting reading goals well.   We also spend a portion of this time on vocabulary and figures  of speech instruction. Our writing workshop has been moving into the forms and types of poetry. Always a well-received writing unit. We’ll be studying cinquain, diamomte, couplets and free verse poetry as well as a few lesser known forms of Japanese poetry such as Tanka and  Renga.


Our electricity unit is also  moving along with the study of circuits, negative/positive charges and of course, electrical safety. Our museum displaying students created circuits using a shoebox designed as a room or building is on display next week Friday June 1 at 2:15. Families are welcome!

We are also actively involved in the study of plants and trees.  We are examining properties and classification of trees  and students are very  excited! Students are welcome to bring plants in but I’ve warned them not to rip plants out of family gardens!


***I’ll be sending home information soon about our planned field trip to the water spray park at Look Park on June  20. *** On Wednesday,  June 20 both  fourth grades will be heading to Look Park on for a fun day trip. Dismissal will be as usual. Families are encouraged to chaperone.


Now for the summer! For many students reading is a part of their daily routine, while others need to reinforce their reading habits to build fluency and work toward the goal of reading mastery. . All children need to spend a good portion of time (at least three times a week) with their eyes on text according to the most recent information about children’s reading development.

I’m sending home a Summer Reading Packet for each student in the hope it will help them achieve this goal as well as the district reading list for fourth grade. Students may keep track of the books they read over the summer and share the lists with their new teacher in the fall.


May 28 No School

June 13  Field Day Rain date 6/14

June 15 Summer Birthdays celebration

June 20 Trip to Look Park (more later)

June 21 Last day of school/Report cards go home