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C-4 Families

Our class skits and presentation about the Save The Children Projecxt we are running with Mr. Early’s class were a huge success. The students worked hard as a class to prepare and were well received at the assembly.  There is a great deal for the students to gain from this experience: a sense of citizenship in the world, that making a difference can take many forms, and that as a group, a great deal can be accomplished. They also have the chance to work toward a common good and goal as they develop a growing sense of social responsibility, personal pride, and civic awareness. As well, this project gives them an opportunity to practice public speaking skills and overcome some of the stage fright that many people experience. As we compile our donation totals in the upcoming weeks, we will also be planning a second assembly presentation to make the school aware of our progress and boost donation totals! Our current total is $131,16. Not a bad beginning!


Our marble party after the snowstorm was a great deal of fun and the students really deserved it. Students wore their pajamas, and after reading all day, watched a movie in the afternoon and chose from different types of ice cream and toppings choices. Thank you to families who sent in donations. This is such a great class. They know when it’s time to work and when it is time to celebrate their successes.


In reading, students have nearly completed the study of our unit that visited themed  fiction – realistic fiction-  with the common thread of dogs as major characters. Students created a “dog” shaped book report when finished which are currently on display in our hallway. . We are moving into Fantasy and Science Fiction next which many students enjoy.

Our writing workshop is also progressing well also. Students are writing biographies of one another in five paragraph essay form. They interview their assigned partner, followed by drafting, revising and completing final copies and lastly completing a portrait.


In math, we have been working pretty intensely on concepts and foundations about fractions. Adding, subtracting, and calculating equivalents and converting between fractions using fractional forms of 1 has been our focus.   We’ll continue to apply this knowledge to the decimal system, 10 place values, basic decimal concepts, estimation. For our current unit on multiplication, many students are having success with the area model, partial quotient and the standard algorithm methods to solve multiplication problems with double digits.  This is an important part of fourth grade math study and all students are benefitting from this instruction.


Students have begun their internal anatomy project. The unit particularly focuses on the digestive system, nutrition, and the functions and processes that occur when we eat. I also take the opportunity to have students reflect on what foods they eat.  We are creating “bodies” using a variety of craft materials and labeling the location of different organs using anatomy books from our library. We would love to have families in the health field come in and discuss the digestive system with our class. This would be a huge benefit as we work on constructing our bodies.



Our classroom could use snacks and sanitizing wipes to keep germs away!  Students seem to enjoy the experience of having snacks together. If you are at all able, please send in a box of pretzels, a bag of apples, rice cakes, or cereal bars. We are also trying to stay as germ free as possible to avoid transmission of illnesses which happens more frequently this time of year.   As always, parents and guardians may reach me at the school (362-1200) or by email ( with concerns, questions, or comments



March 9 No School 

March 14 Early Dismissal

March 15 Field Trip to the new Hitchcock Center 9-11 AM