Mr. Keins



Greetings C-4 Families

Our work between Thanksgiving and the Holiday Break has been productive in fourth grade!

In reading, students are wrapping up our work in the nonfiction unit, We have studied and become familiar with text features, main idea, text structures. We are moving into the study of Themed fiction books after the break!

Our nonfiction writing workshop is also progressing well also. Students are developing compositions through five paragraph persuasive essays after initially completing single paragraph writing in this genre. This unit also covers paragraphing which is new to many students.


Next stop on the math curriculum is fractions which is a major component of fourth grade math instruction.

Students will be working to understand concepts and refine skills in fractions. Adding, subtracting, calculating equivalents and converting between fractions and the decimal system will be our focus.


We are now beginning our rock study in which we are working toward the goal of identifying rock contained minerals and types (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary) through acquired knowledge about the characteristics and using keys. Our Stories in Stone unit is ongoing and students have adopted a “Pet Rock” to investigate for its mineral, hardness, and other properties. We’ll also look at Earth structure/landforms regarding stone.


Weekly spelling tests are indicating students are studying regularly at home.  We’re also using our enhancement time to expand student’s knowledge about grammar and parts of speech as well as keyboarding practice


Fourth grade has selected the charity: Save the Children this year as the best benefactor of the upcoming fundraising efforts we have planned.  project is still developing. Students are creating posters and donation boxes to be distributed at the beginning of the year. Next steps:  Rehearsing skits to perform at school assembly to draw attention to our cause, planning a PowerPoint presentation and finishing the donation boxes and posters to distribute around the school. We’ll keep families updated about our plans.


Please remember to send your children with warm clothing for outdoor recess!

Mark Your Calendars:

Dec. 13, 22 Early Dismissal 1:20



Our classroom in desperately in need of snacks,  sanitizing hand gel, and tissues!  Students seem to enjoy the experience of having snacks together. If you are at all able, please send in a box of pretzels, a bag of apples, rice cakes, or cereal bars. Any donations are much appreciated. 


As always, parents and guardians may reach me at the school (362-1200) or by email ( with concerns, questions, or comments