Mr. Keins


 Greetings C-4 Families!

We’ve worked hard through much of March and students seem to be focused and enjoying school every day. They come in each morning with such a positive and enthusiastic attitude! Hard to believe we have only about 50 more days together! Our marble party was a great deal of fun and the students really deserved it. Students wore their pajamas, and after math games and reading, watched a movie in the afternoon and chose from different types of ice cream choices. Thank you to families who sent in donations. This is such a great class. They know when it’s time to work and when it is time to celebrate their successes.


The Language Arts part of the MCAS assessments are coming up at the end of April. The school will be sending home more information as the dates draw near. My message to students is that we should prepare for these by practicing basic skills, knowing what the assessment will involve, and applying logical thinking. I will continue to call the students’ attention to the fact that the MCAS is a way to inform teachers about their learning strengths and needs.  While they need to prepare to show their best work, they don’t need to worry either. In keeping with this approach, I won’t be sending home any MCAS specific assignments. For home routines, students are best prepared on the MCAS dates when they are getting enough sleep, eating a non-sugary breakfast, and feeling secure. In our reading workshop, we are working in book clubs and reading novels focused on historical fiction and students are completing reading journal responses are part of their reading activities


Our writing workshop is also progressing well also. Students are writing biographies of one another in five paragraph essay form. They interview their assigned partner, followed by drafting, revising and completing final copies.  We have also begun scripting comic strips.


Our Save the Children Project continues to grow! We’ve passed the $100 mark and are busy putting final touches on  our second presentation to boost donations and to increase awareness of our efforts.  The date of our presentation will be a school assembly will Friday April 13 at 10:40.   Students are very excited and enthusiastic about our work on this.  Please spread the word!


We are continuing our study of internal anatomy and are starting with the digestive system. We are building “bodies” to display the students’ knowledge of the placement of internal organs. The unit particularly focuses on the digestive system, nutrition, and the functions and processes that occur when we eat. I also take the opportunity to have students reflect on what foods they eat.  We are creating “bodies” using a variety of craft materials and labeling the location of different organs using anatomy books from our library. Next: the study of electrical circuits!


In math, many students are having success with the partial quotient and the standard algorithm methods to solve multiplication problems with double digits.  This is an important part of fourth grade math study and all students are benefitting from this instruction. For our next unit we will come back to our study of fractions and begin to explore data.


Our classroom could use snacks, sanitizing hand gel, disinfecting wipes and tissues!  Students seem to enjoy the experience of having snacks together. If you are at all able, please send in a box of pretzels, a bag of apples, rice cakes, or cereal bars. As always, parents and guardians may reach me at the school (362-1200) or by email ( with concerns, questions, or comments



Spring Break            April16-20

MCAS Grade 4        ELA April 30, May 1 & 2 and Math May 15, 16,17