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C-4 Families


It’s Spring!. Here’s our latest update.

In reading, we’ve been working through a unit in historical fiction.- a genre  that is challenging for the students.  Students are in book clubs,  sharing book reports and discussing themes.. We’ll be moving on to biographies soon.  Please take a look at our Dog Novels Book Report display on the bulletin board outside our quad. Students did great work on this project.

Our Doctors Without Borders Project continues to grow! We’ve almost reached at least the $120 mark and are busy planning our second presentation to boost donations and to increase awareness of our efforts.  The date of our presentation will be a school assembly will likely be May 15 at 1:30  (That is a date change from last month). Students are very excited and enthusiastic about our work on this.  Please spread the word!


We are now into our rock study in which we are working toward the goal of identifying rock contained minerals and types (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary) through acquired knowledge about the characteristics and using keys. Our Stories in Stone unit is ongoing and students have adopted a “Pet Rock” to investigate for its mineral, hardness, and other properties. We have also informally begun to study plants – bringing in different plants to identify.


In math, we are wrapping up our intensive work on extended facts in multiplication and will continue in the next unit with division and the use of protractors to determine angles, degrees of a circle and the use of a protractor.


Students did well in coping with the Language Arts part of the MCAS. It’s pretty rigorous, but they gave their best effort. The Math part of the MCAS assessments are coming up on May 16 and 17. My message to students is the same: that we should prepare for these by practicing basic skills, knowing what the assessment will involve, and applying logical thinking. I won’t be sending home any MCAS specific assignments but we will practice in the classroom as the MCAS test items don’t look anything like the math work we normally complete.  Again, for home routines, students are best prepared on the MCAS dates when they are getting enough sleep, eating a non-sugary breakfast, and feeling secure.


We continue to have an ongoing need for snacks. Families are welcome to send them in when possible: pretzels, apples rice cakes…


Two fun events coming soon: on May 31, we will go to Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary and study native tree species. As well, our partnership with Hitchcock Center’s resident naturalist Helen Ann Sephton has begun and continue through June as we intensify our tree/plant unit.


On Wednesday,  June 21  all fourth grades will be heading to Look Park on for a fun day trip. Dismissal

will be as usual.


As always, parents and guardians may reach me at the school (362-1200) or by email ( with concerns, questions, or comments Hope to see you soon.



Early Release                       May 10

MCAS Math Grade 4         May 16/17